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Workshop and Studio Tours/Home School/Educational Opportunities/Living History Since we make all of our award winning pewter in our studio in Ste. Genevieve, MO, the studio is always open. We encourage you to visit us as we create a "new antique" or a piece destined to become a family heirloom. See how we spin metal and cast in antique molds as well as molds made in our shop. Learn how we finish pieces for the Gallery and for other customers. Find that special something "made while you watch".

When you bring your group to ASL Pewter, you are treated to demonstrations of our creating processes. If you have a home school or other school related group, we can work with your history, business or arts curriculum. Just give us an outline of the information you want to have covered, as it relates to pewter, owning and operating a small business and/or Early America, and we will happily take it from there!

Call 573-754-3435 to arrange for this exciting educational opportunity for your group. Available most days and evenings by appointment.

Classes and Instruction

We are committed to keeping alive the traditions and crafts on which our country was founded. Toward that end, we are proud to offer classes in the art of pewter craft, from raw materials to finished product. All classes are "hands-on". Time necessary to learn each element is dependent on individual aptitude as well as class size. Since we are working with hot metal, tools and some power equipment, our insurance requires all class participants be at least 18 years of age.

Classes are available in:

Metal Spinning – taking a flat sheet of pewter and moving it into shape over a wooden or metal form, while the form spins on the lathe. At ASL Pewter we make our own forms and do all of our own spinning. Class taught by Master Smith Thomas Hooper.

Mold Making – How to make a master, or original sculpture, appropriate for molding, and how to make silicon and rubber molds for hand pour casting as well as centrifugal casting. Class taught by Master Smith Thomas Hooper and Journeyman Smith Patricia Hooper.

Casting – In simple terms, pouring hot, molten metal into molds. You will work with centrifugal casting machines, hand pour silicon molds and antique bronze, brass and iron molds. Each type of mold requires its own technique and skill level. Learn how to determine quantity of metal, speed of pouring and how to trouble shoot for the best results every time. Class taught by Journeyman Smith Patricia Hooper and Master Smith Thomas Hooper.

Finishing Work – From initial casting or spinning to "on-the-shelf", each piece is finished by hand. This might include cutting off a sprue, sanding, soldering, dremmel work, and filing, or hammering. The final step is a either a polished or antique finish. This session can be added to any of the other sessions for a more complete "start to finish" class.

Call 573-754-3435 to schedule your class today. Small groups and individuals welcome.

Want to Learn?

We are proud to offer classes in the art of pewter craft, from raw materials to finished product. REGISTER NOW
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